10 Famous French Foods with Readily Available Ingredients

France is known to have a rich assortment of foods full of flavor and finesse. Various restaurants worldwide serve some of these delicacies, and you will have to visit France to indulge. Luckily, there are a few famous French foods you can prepare yourself from anywhere in the world, all thanks to the readily available ingredients. Here we introduce you to a list of not one but ten famous French foods with readily available ingredients in your area.

1.   Ratatouille

Besides being a very friendly rat in a popular cartoon tv show, ratatouille is one of the most iconic French dishes. The dish is prepped from shallow fried vegetables and then topped in a casserole dish before baking it in an oven. This dish can be an appetizer, a side dish, or the main course, and it goes quite well with some fresh crusty bread and red wine.

2.   Confit de Canard

This is one of the finest French dishes prepared from duck, although some chefs prefer pork or geese instead. The duck meat is marinated in garlic, salt, and thyme for about 36 hours as a form of preservation. Then it is slow-cooked without adding cooking oil at low temperatures. Cooking the meat in its fat Is a healthier option than frying. The locals serve this exquisite French dish with confit roasted potatoes and garlic.

3.   Quiche Lorraine

Quiche Lorraine consists of onions, eggs, bacon, Swiss cheese, and one very satisfying meal. Its ingredients are locally available worldwide, making it one of the easiest French foods to prepare at home. It would be best if you had an expert step-by-step guide on preparing the dish.

4.   Soup de Poisons

This is one of the most famous French dishes, but one unique in taste and preparation. It translates to “fish soup,” but not just your ordinary soup. The expertise and precision in making the delicacy make it a French masterpiece. Despite all this, this dish remains cheap, simple, and tasty with all its ingredients that can be sourced locally.

5.   Soupe a L’oignon

Dating back to the Roman era, Soupe a L’oignon is a traditional soup known for its inimitable flavor. It is made from onions and beef stock and served with melted cheese on top and croutons. The preparation process involves caramelising the onions to give them a rich and unique flavor.

6.   Boeuf Bourguignon

This is the French dish for you if you are among the millions of beef lovers worldwide. Like many other French dishes, ‘Beef Burgundy’ was first prepared by French peasants but is now one of the most famous delicacies from France. It comprises a combination of bacon of onion, beef, and carrots, all perfectly blended together to create one of the most exquisite French cuisines. You can make Boeuf Bourguignon for yourself when you have friends over for a game night or catch up.            

7.   Potatoes Dauphinoise

This is probably the tastiest way to prepare a potato dish. Potatoes dauphinoise combines potatoes, thyme, butter, garlic, cheese, and cream if you wish to create a wonderful dish. Enjoy a taste of France with this easy-to-prepare dish with all ingredients readily available.

8.   Tartiflette

Invented in the Swiss Alps, tartiflette is one of the most famous French delicacies. This potato dish with smoked salt pork, onions, and white wine promises simplicity in preparation and a fabulous taste. The ingredients are common and readily available, and you can prepare this dish at a family get-together.

9.   Chicken Confit

This dish is probably one of the most delicious ways to prepare chicken. The meat is tender, salty and nicely cooked, and finger-licking good. The technique behind its preparation involves slowly cooking it in its fat until it is juicy and crispy. Nowadays, you can choose to add olive oil, which is also readily available.

10.  Poulet Basquaise

The basque chicken stew is one fabulous dish you can enjoy for dinner after a long day, as it’s full of flavor and nutrients. Chicken meat is the main ingredient, and an assortment of local vegetables and ingredients add flavor. You can also prepare this signature French cuisine for your special someone for dinner. Trust me, it does impress.


The only complicated thing about some French dishes is pronouncing the names. With the right ingredients and a good recipe guide, you can indulge in French cuisine from the heart of your kitchen. Source these ingredients locally and try out any of these signature French foods.…